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New Exciting Treatment for Gum Recession

Do you have Sensitive teeth? Decay? A pulled back gum line? … You may have receding gums, and now we have an awesome new solution!

Traditional techniques involved grafting and surgery. However, Dr. Zain and Dr. Mohammed recently completed a dental course in Pasadena California and are now certified in a minimally invasive procedure for gum recession correction, Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation.

This technique is different in that there is no grafting, no surgery, no sutures. We simply create small pinholes in the gum, lift the tissue to position it back to its normal natural position, and use collagen as the glue to keep the tissue in place.

We are very excited to be offering this treatment, as gum recession is a common dental condition, and can lead to painful tooth sensitivity and teeth that are more susceptible to decay.

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