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Meet Dr. Mohammad!

Hi, I am Dr Mohammed Saigar; I grew up in Mississauga and did my post secondary education at the University of Toronto and McGill University. I have been practising dentistry at the Collingwood Dental Centre since 1996.

As a general dentist I have a particular interest in surgery, and I focus my practice on implant placements, and thoroughly enjoy virtual/computer assisted procedures and also the use of lasers. I would be happy to discuss these exciting tools to show case how dentistry has progressed.

I am also an avid scuba diver and especially enjoy diving with sharks (without cages); my last encounter was at Isle Guadaloupe in Mexico with the Great Whites.

My family and I are very happy to call Collingwood our home, we are especially lucky to live in such a beautiful four seasons town.

I do very much look forward meeting all of you and hope to see you soon

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