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dental implants in collingwood

Dental Implants

Implants are another alternative for replacing missing teeth. They preserve the bone of the jaw, preventing bone loss that would usually occur after an extraction. Alternative ways to replace missing teeth include bridges or dentures. Implants typically last longer than bridges, are not removable like dentures and provide a natural look.

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Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment include:

Retaining the Natural Shape of the Face

Without the natural structure in place, a person’s face can sag over time. Using dental implants, our experts can help preserve this natural bone structure and prevent the sagging of the jaw bone.

Protecting Healthy Bone

When you lose teeth, your jaw bone can deteriorate over time. It loses its strength and its firmness. This can leave you with significant jaw issues. Dental implants help prevent this level of bone loss and ensure your jaw remains intact.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the great advantages of having dental implants placed is that they require only the same level of maintenance as your normal teeth. They can be cleaned, brushed and flossed in the same way you would with your natural teeth, thereby offering reduced maintenance compared to other restoration products such as dentures.

Comfortable Communication

With dentures, because they are not securely placed, and may move unnaturally within the mouth, the patient may find communication difficult. Dental implants are designed to operate just like natural teeth.

Designed for the Long-Term

Another clear benefit to using dental implants is that they’re designed for long-term use, and not to have to be replaced regularly like dentures. Dental implants are a solution designed for the future-focused patient and are built for optimal durability and for facing all the challenges of daily life.

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