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Dental Crown and Bridge Collingwood Dental Centre

Dental Crown Options

A crown is used on a tooth which has become fragile through decay or large filling. Its main purpose is to protect a weakened tooth and prevent breakage. Porcelain is usually used for the most natural appearance. The dentist removes decay and a small amount of enamel from the tooth, which is then shaped into a base for the crown. The dentist takes an impression of the tooth and then fits a temporary crown until the next appointment. The permanent dental crown is cemented onto the tooth at the second appointment. This is basically the technique that dentists have used for the last 100 years and it works very well.

However now, using CEREC technology, we can often create porcelain crowns in a single appointment. Instead of taking an impression and making a temporary crown, the dentist would scan the prepared tooth into the computer. Then using the computer to design the crown, it is milled out of a block of porcelain while you wait. On the same day, the dentist will cement it into place. One visit, one freezing. Most of our patients lead busy lives and the convenience of one appointment and one freezing is a real benefit.

Bridge the gap

A dental bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth. The gap is replaced with an artificial tooth attached to crowns placed on the patient’s neighbouring natural teeth.

Below are several benefits offered through the use of dental crowns:

Crowns relieve discomfort

A dental crown can be placed to help relieve discomfort from damage to the tooth enamel or the tooth structure. Working with the latest crown products, our team can help fortify the tooth, prevent further issues and minimize your pain long term.

It’s a simple procedure

Working with the latest CEREC technology, we make the dental crown process a simple procedure to undergo. We harness CAD software to design and place the tooth in one appointment, ensuring you save time and money when having a dental crown treatment.

Crowns enhance the appearance of teeth

Another leading advantage of the latest dental crown systems is they enhance the appeal of your natural teeth. They can immediately correct problems related to staining and crookedness, as well as mitigate chipping and fracturing.

Crowns are highly durable and will typically last many years

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