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Laser Dentistry benefits

What is Laser Dentistry and Why is It Different?

Laser dentistry is among one of the many innovations in oral care in recent years to provide the dentist with a superior level of precision in their work. Lasers are now used in various forms of treatment, from tooth decay removal to teeth whitening. But before investing in a laser dentistry service from your dentist, it’s important to learn more on the treatment process and how you can achieve optimal results in choosing your ideal treatment option. (more…)

top 10 invisalign questions

The Top 10 Invisalign Questions

Invisalign continues to be one of the best orthodontic options for those seeking a comfortable, easy to use product that is barely visible. But before choosing Invisalign treatment, you likely want more information on the product and the treatment process. In this latest post, we’ll answer 10 of the most common questions we receive concerning Invisalign. (more…)

Find a new dentist in Collingwood

How to Find a New Dentist in Collingwood

You’ve arrived in beautiful Collingwood and with your family now settling down and taking in the many sights and surroundings that keep many coming back to the area, it’s time to consider the long-term needs of all family members. Your family’s oral health requirements should be a leading consideration, and within this latest article our team at Collingwood Dental Centre explains how to find a new Collingwood dentist. (more…)

Taking Pre Medication Due To Joint Replacement

Many of our patients have had a joint replaced.  The orthopedic surgeons who replace a knee, a hip, a shoulder or an elbow can do amazing things.

After a joint replacement surgery it was normal for the orthopedic surgeon or the dentist to prescribe antibiotics prior to dental treatment.  New evidence has now shown that the vast majority of patients do not require antibiotics for their dental work and they will still be safe from joint infections.  Only people who have serious problems with their immune systems now need antibiotics for dental work.

The new recommendations that have been adopted by both the Canadian Dental Association and the Canadian Orthopedic Association have recommended that the most appropriate person to prescribe the antibiotics is the Orthopedic Surgeon.  He or she will know best the nature of the surgery and the seriousness of the patient’s risk factors and whether antibiotics are appropriate.  In light of these recommendations the dentists at Collingwood Dental Centre will no longer be prescribing these antibiotics at all after July 1st, 2017.  If you have had them in the past, you should contact your orthopod’s office to ask what they feel is right for you.


The link outlining the recommendations is (article also attached to this email):


For further information please also visit link:https://www.cda-adc.ca/en/services/essentials/2016/issue8/#8


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CEREC dental crown in single visit

Achieve Same-Day Complete Dental Crown Work with CEREC

For professionals, having to undergo treatment on multiple days throughout the week can make dental crown work more complicated. Many are now seeking an alternative treatment process that assures high level placement precision while minimizing the time spent at the dentist’s office. CEREC is one of the first treatments to offer this combination of precision and treatment efficiency. Within this latest post, we’ll delve into the details on CEREC and how the technology improves crown treatments. (more…)