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“Recent estimates suggest that nearly 5 million teeth are injured or lost in children and adolescents in the United States every year,”


There are three main types of athletic mouthguards:


1.Stock mouthguards – You can buy these ready-made in stores that sell sporting goods. You simply place the appliance in your mouth and use it “as is.” They are also sold over the Internet.

2. Boil-and-bite mouthguards – You place this type of mouthguard into very hot water until it softens, and then bite into it so it will take the shape of your mouth and fit more closely over your teeth. These are made from materials that are resilient under normal conditions, but become pliable when heated. Like stock mouthguards, these are sold in sporting goods stores and over the Internet.

3. Custom-made mouthguards: You work with a dental professional who will prescribe and custom fit your mouthguard. The process involves making a model of your teeth and then moulding the mouthguard material around the dental model to ensure a close and comfortable fit.





Sunshine and Our Teeth: A Fragile Relationship

We now have another reason to get out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather and SUNSHINE!

Sunshine is our main source of vitamin D, and when we aren’t getting enough,  (many Canadians don’t) our bones aren’t the only thing to suffer.

“In 2016, the researchers first established that dentine — the material that forms the bulk of the tooth — carries a permanent record of Vitamin D deficiency, or rickets. During periods of severe deficiency, new layers of dentine CANNOT MINERALIZE, leaving microscopic markers scientists can read like rings of a tree.”

So be sun safe, but make sure you spend plenty of time outdoors from May to October to capitalize on the wonderful SUNSHINE VITAMIN.



What does orthodontics mean?

What Exactly does Orthodontics Mean?

In order to make the most effective decision for your treatment needs, it’s important that you gain a clear understanding on the processes dentists use within their work, and the language used to describe those processes. Orthodontics is a word widely used throughout the oral health field, and within this post, our team provides more details on orthodontics, its definition and the types of services the field includes. (more…)

Laser Dentistry benefits

What is Laser Dentistry and Why is It Different?

Laser dentistry is among one of the many innovations in oral care in recent years to provide the dentist with a superior level of precision in their work. Lasers are now used in various forms of treatment, from tooth decay removal to teeth whitening. But before investing in a laser dentistry service from your dentist, it’s important to learn more on the treatment process and how you can achieve optimal results in choosing your ideal treatment option. (more…)