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New Exciting Treatment for Gum Recession

Do you have Sensitive teeth? Decay? A pulled back gum line? … You may have receding gums, and now we have an awesome new solution!

Traditional techniques involved grafting and surgery. However, Dr. Zain and Dr. Mohammed recently completed a dental course in Pasadena California and are now certified in a minimally invasive procedure for gum recession correction, Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation.

This technique is different in that there is no grafting, no surgery, no sutures. We simply create small pinholes in the gum, lift the tissue to position it back to its normal natural position, and use collagen as the glue to keep the tissue in place.

We are very excited to be offering this treatment, as gum recession is a common dental condition, and can lead to painful tooth sensitivity and teeth that are more susceptible to decay.

Call our office to schedule a consultation 705-444-1500

3 Tips to Start the School Year with a Smile


3 Tips to Start the School Year with a Smile


    Avoid granola bars instead offer crunchy snacks like celery sticks, baby carrots and cubes of cheddar cheese. Instead of chips or crackers, try seeds and nuts. Salty snacks may seem healthy because they don’t contain sugar, but simple starches can be just as harmful. These snacks break down into a sticky goo, coating teeth and promoting decay.


    Have a healthy kick off to the school year by bringing your kids in for a cleaning and exam. Ask your child’s dentist about sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent decay. These treatments are easy ways to stop cavities before they start.


    Use a sticker calendar and place a sticker on each day they brush

    Play their favourite song for the two minute brush time

    Use a Y shaped kid-friendly floss holder for easier flossing

    Customize by helping your child pick a themed toothbrush in their favourite colour

Brighten Your Smile this Summer with Teeth Whitening

Summertime brings many social gatherings, from weddings to pool parties, and we want to look and feel our best.

Teeth whitening at Collingwood Dental can be achieved quickly and safely, and many feel it is one of the most rewarding cosmetic treatments we offer!

We use Zoom tooth Whitening system. Zoom offers maximum whitening in the least amount of time all under the care of your dental professional.

You can see the wonderful results in the before and after photo. This lucky lady was brightening her smile in preparation for a wedding!

Booking your upcoming whitening treatment is simple! To learn more on your full range of whitening options, call our trusted office team now at 705-444-1500.

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Kids Teeth 101: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

By the age of 1 or within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth – whichever is earlier, your child should visit the dentist.

By age 3, you should be able to count all 20 primary teeth in your child’s mouth.

Age 3 is also when your child can be introduced to fluoride toothpaste. Only a small amount (a portion the size of a green pea) should be used.

Before the age 3, If the child is not considered to be at risk, the teeth should be brushed by an adult using a toothbrush moistened only with water, not fluoride tooth paste.

At the age of 5 or6 your child will start to loose baby teeth, with the last baby tooth falling out around age 12.

Dont neglect baby teeth…dental decay or infection can affect your children’s growth and development – including speech development and nutrition.

Signs of tooth decay in children may include white spots on teeth first, then as early cavity develops a light brown colour on the tooth. Tooth colour becomes darker and a hole may appear. Symptoms such as sensitivity to sweets and cold beverages may occur


Move to Give: Community Raises $137,000 for YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka

See Press Release Below!

On April 7, the event took place simultaneously in eight YMCAs within our region: Barrie, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Gravenhurst, Innisfil, Midland, Orillia and Parry Sound. From running 5km to massive indoor cycling sessions, triathlons, swimming challenges, fire truck pulls and more— participants challenged themselves physically while at the same time, gave back to their community.

The result of this year’s Move to Give fundraising event is truly extraordinary. Once again our community, sponsors, volunteers and employees have shown incredible kindness and generosity, helping us exceed our fundraising goal.” said Brian Shelley, Vice President, Philanthropy, Brand and Community Development, YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka

We are more than just a gym. We are a community hub that provides essential services in the areas that we serve. From developing health initiatives that target heart disease, childhood obesity and other chronic diseases to improving literacy and social isolation, the money raised through Move to Give directly translates into more YMCA resources in our community,” said Shelley. “We owe a big thank you to our community and donors for supporting us and allowing us to continue to invest in the health and wellbeing of our community.”

Proceeds from this event will help support children, youth and families access quality YMCA programs and services including – health, fitness and recreation programs, education, child care, employment and training programs, camp and outdoor skills, leadership and volunteer development.

Thank you to this year’s Community Builder Sponsors:

  • Collingwood Dental Centre
  • Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities
  • Push Promotional Products & Design Inc.

Their commitment to helping build healthier communities is sincerely appreciated.

To learn more about how to support the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka, please visit www.GiveToTheY.ca.