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  1. Don’t Lose Your Teeth

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    Have you thought about your gums lately? Of course not, you’re a busy person with lots of things to worry about and besides, your gums look healthy enough.

    Well, you might want to start considering your gums a little more, because a little attention now prevents you from losing your teeth later.  The gum and bone is the foundation that keeps your teeth stabile and strong.

    First of all what is gum disease? Gum disease is an infection caused by plaque that affects the tissue that sustains your teeth.  The symptoms are practically painless so if you have it, you may not be aware.  You might experience a little redness, irritation or bleeding.  At this point, the infection is called gingivitis and the damage to your gums can be repaired with regular dental hygiene visits, brushing and flossing.  However, as gum disease progresses, it becomes what we call periodontal disease, where the gums and bone supporting your teeth are less stable in which case teeth may start to become loose and fall out.

    Key Signs of Gum Disease:

    • Tender or bleeding gums
    • Your teeth don’t fit together when you bite
    • Chronic bad breath
    • Your gums are receeding
    • Pus between your teeth and gums

    The good news about gum disease is that it’s preventable if you take regular, daily care of your teeth and gums.  You have to brush well, twice a day, floss often, maintain a well-balanced dental-friendly diet and make sure to have regular check-ups.  Brushing well does not necessarily mean brushing hard.  Your gum tissue is very sensitive and requires soft brushing for adequate time.

    This is a great video that illustrates the disease and explains it visually:

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